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Welcome to Tablecruncher Web, the free online CSV editor

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Tablecruncher is a free online CSV editor. Some features require a paid subscription:


Tablecruncher can only load CSV files from a server if this server explicitely allows to do so. To enable remote loading, the server must have CORS enabled for or for any domain.

Dropbox, for example, allows remote loading of files when using as the domain name. If you're providing a typical URL, Tablecruncher is silently requesting the file from to prevent a CORS error.


Macro documentation

To run Javascript macros, there's a single object Tablecruncher. This object has the following static methods:
active(): Returns an instance of the currently opened and displayed document
new(): Opens a new (empty) document and returns an instance of this new document
open(url): Tries to load a CSV file from the given URL (read about CORS)
setOption(key, value): Set global options. Only option supported is storage-mode
log(...msg): Write all arguments to the log area
clearLog(): Clear the log area

The methods active(), new() and open(url) return an object, representing a CSV document. To work with this document, the document object provides several methods:
rows(): Returns the number of rows in this document (a custom header row is not counted)
columns(): Returns the number of columns in this document
get(row, column): Returns the content of the cell at row and column as a string
set(row, column, value)(): Set the content of the cell at row and column
deleteColumn(column): Deletes a single columnt at column
mergeColumns(column_1, column_2, glue): Concatenate the content of column_1 and column_2 and write the result into column_1. If a glue string is provided, it's put between both values. column_2 remains unchanged.
renameColumn(column, new_name): If a custom header is set, set a new name for column
deleteRow(row): Delete the single row with zero-based row index row
selection(): Returns an object with the current selection. Example: {fromRow: 0, toRow: 2, fromColumn:3, toColumn:5}
isEmptyRow(row): Returns true if the row is empty, false otherwise

Some important notes

Where a column has to be passed to a method, you can provide a zero-based index or the header name of that column if a custom header row is set. You can't use generic header names like 'A' (column 0) or 'AC' (column 28).

A row is always expected as a zero-based index. The first (non-header) row has index 0, even when it's shown as row "1" in the editor. A custom header row is not counted when calculating the row index. This means, the row index will change when you toggle the "[ ] Header" switch in the toolbar.

Use the active document and increment the content of all cells that contain a number
let doc =
for(let r = 0; r < doc.rows(); ++r) {
    for(let c = 0; c < doc.columns(); ++c) {
        let cell = parseFloat( doc.get(r, c) )
        if( !isNaN(cell) ) {
            doc.set(r, c, cell + 1)
Use the active document and set the content of all selected cells to "42"
let doc =
let selection = doc.selection()
for(let r = selection.fromRow; r <= selection.toRow; ++r) {
    for(let c = selection.fromColumn; c <= selection.toColumn; ++c) {
        doc.set(r, c, 42)
Open a file from a URL and change its content

Only works if an appropriate CORS header is set."")
.then(doc => {
    doc.set(0, 1, "CHANGED")

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